Would you wear a boring jean jacket? Hell no!

No way you could have missed them. You know, those jean jackets you have seen everyone wearing in your streets and instagram subscriptions. I know what you are currently thinking : I want one too but I don’t want to be like everyone else. How about making one myself? This week I am showing you my version of a customized jean vest photographed between Miami and Peru!  

 A little jean vest

You might have noticed it from my previous Peru post, my new obsession – as in wearing it all the time – is a remixed jean jacket. For those having no idea about what I am talking, you can read the previous article here.

I found it for 5$ at Out of the Closet. Originally, it was a Free People jacket. (can be found new here). By the way there is a “Best places to Thrift shop in SF” coming along soon. But later. First I want to show you Miami.

Fall in love with street art in Wynwood

How did I get to Florida? Well the most reasonably priced option to Peru had to have a subsequent layover somewhere in the middle. With a couple of hours ahead, we (hubby & I) left our luggages in the airport and ventured into shiny Miami…

To be honest, had I limited to visit to Ocean Drive and a short walk on the beach, Miami might have been a big disappointment.  

What you notice first on the beach are those funny looking tiny houses…


Quite picturesque but not much to see beyond that..


Me, myself and I posing as a life guard on duty under the threatening grey sky.

The art déco city center is charming…

But what inspired me the most was the Wynwood neighborhood, a true open air art gallery.

Originally, the place was very ghetto. Fortunately a few years ago, a foundation decided to put the abandoned warehouses to good use. What they noticed when arriving were the tags that already covered the walls. Rather than covering them up, they invited artists to turn the walls into canvas and create their own masterpieces. Kind of what Michael Angelo and the likes did with chapels and churches now that I think of it.

Bref, that gave birth the a movement the whole hood’ has now embraced, bringing back avid tourists, their cameras flashing everywhere like crazy (and I was among the lot).

Vibrating colors on display, the kind you wish you could translate at once on fabric.

As often my best advise would be to stroll in the street, going from one wall to the other and making your own discovery rather than following a well established plan… And you will find wonders, I can assure you!

You can also find interesting design boutiques, here displaying tons of Tom Dixon pieces

And finally, Peru

Well that jacket was also ideal for Peru’s chilly climate…

Next week, I’ll explain how to create the embellishment, an easy task doable even by sewing beginners.

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La bise


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