The Best Costumers I Met At Costume College 2018 – Part Deux

I enjoy creating daily wear clothes. But what I really LOVE doing are over the top costumes, fantasy creations or just crazy evening gowns. Yes, even if I only get to wear it once and be done with it. Last year after attending Costume College (think Comicon but for historical costumes) I posted about SOME of the amazing costumers I met there. Here is part two of that selection which I never got a chance to publish. Not that they were less important, simply because well, life got busy, as it always does ! Follow me down the rabbit hole of magic dresses…

Costume College is THE historical costuming fair every year. I occurs in Los Angeles, home of many cinema studios as I am sure you are well aware, which also mean the need for costumes and costumers. People attending this event are not always pros, rather aficionados like myself trying to perfect their craft.

As I won’t be able to attend this year (I live in Spain now, no longer in San Francisco), a sudden wave of nostalgia made me finish this long forgotten blog post.

As with part one, which you can reread here, I tried to gather them by category. Feel free to go follow them on Instagram for updates on their work !

Most Better-than-in-the-movie : Diystopia

As told to Katie, I wasn’t a fan of this dress when I saw it in the series Outlander, but her version on the contrary….


Most Resourcefull : Ashleyyea

You have two ways of doing things in costuming. Either you by the exact replica of something (usually pricy) or you get clever and find ways to cheat the system. That’s exactly what Ashley did on her pink dress. She used pairs of inexpensive yet sparkly earrings to decorate her dress and make it shine…

And it does the trick !

Most From a Galaxy Far Far Away Creation : IrreverantVintagegirl & adria.renee

Kelsey looked SO MUCH like Amidala in this. And I guess it was the point too. Very impressive, especially the headpiece from up close.

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Queen Amidala headdress. ? A lot of people have been asking me about the most awe-inspiring aspect of this costume: the headdress. I figured I'd touch on it for a bit. ? First and foremost, no, it is not heavy. I constructed the entire thing out of foam. The cap is 3 layers of 1/4" EVA craft foam with a wire frame and the horns are 4 layers of 1" rigid pink insulation foam. These pieces are epoxyed together, carved and manipulated into shape, and then painted. ? The only metal bits on the entire piece are the end caps on the points, the filigree pieces on the tubes, the chain, and the link holding the chain to the cap. All of the other bits are 1/4" foam that has been painted. ? And, fun fact? Those tubes? Yeah, they're paper towel rolls. ? A tidbit I'm over the moon about because I find it so amusing. ? While it is not 100% exact in some measurements, I'm truly proud of this stupid thing. It really came together waaay better than I was expecting. ? . . #costumecollege2018 #costumecollege #coco2018 #queenamidala #padmeamidala #amidala #padme #starwars #starwarscosplay #starwarscostume #costuming #tipsandtricks #headdress #cosplay #cosplaygirl #queen #fitforaqueen

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What I love about this other creation was that it didn’t look like a costume at first glance, it looked like a luxury jacket and then you go “oh wait, is that what I think this ?“. Geek Couture in the best way possible !

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Things have been quiet while I get the next projects underway (more on what’s next for the crait-á-porter collection later ?) and take a little much needed breath. I’ve gotten back to the sketchbooks to get the juices flowing and I’m coming to the realization that I am a bonafide space tart. ?? As a kid I was always obsessed with space and stars and wanted to be an astronaut (I mean who doesn’t, but I was genuinely obsessedddd), I guess something stuck since I constantly find myself drawn to galaxies far far away and looking to the final frontier…and checking out Apollo module mockups at @sandiegoairandspace because how cool is that? ✨ ? @graceduval #rebellionreborn #heruniversefashionshow #craitáporter #geekcouture #geekchic

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Most knowledgeable about Hair : Thelacedangel – Jenny La Fleur

I attended two hair classes from those ladies and both were super fun and information filled experiences…

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My feet hurt but I don’t want to take them off.

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Most Graceful While On The Dancefloor : Sopranolist – Victorian Romanian

Personaly, if I take the trouble to make a costume, I try to wear it whatever the activity is including… dancing twerk style. Glad I could share it with those two ladies on the dance floor!


Most Alienor Resembling: Sweet Marie Louise

Marie rocks a lot of looks but she was among the few who could nail these medieval inspired looks.




Most Dior Like Creature : The Homemade historian


Yes, yes yesssss. That dress was incredible and made with such techniques (which is why they hang so well on the body of their wearer)


I wish every attendees of Costume College this year the best experience (sight of envy) ! I’ll be returning soon with news about my presence at the Fêtes Galantes of Versailles…

Stay tuned for more on this !

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