How to Sew Your Little Black Swimsuit for the Holidays

You already own a little black dress? It’s time to create its beach version, the Little Black Swimsuit! No matter your size, it has the power to create a glamour and sexy version of you to parade gracefully on the beach… Let’s see how. 

Wear your little black swimsuit with confidence

I have a body, I sometimes go to the beach. That’s my definition of “beach body ready” this year. And yet I, like the rest of us, want to look my best with very little fabric on.

Can I afford an Eres bathing suit? Certainly not, but I can certainly recreate my own version…


A few examples of one piece swimsuit that caught my eye on Pinterest

As usual, let’s see the end result first and the “how to” second…

One swinsuit to rule them all

Yes, it might look very warm but don’t forget we are in San Francisco, it NEVER gets really hot in here…


Bon ok d'habitude je n'utilise pas les chaises longues dans ce sens. Que ne ferait-on pas pour l'amour de la couture?
And no, this not my usual way of sitting on a long chair.. The things I do for sewing!


garanti avec crème solaire pour éviter le cancer de la peau généralisé
A shooting guaranteed 100% sunscreen protected, to protect that super white skin of mine…


plantes maillot de bain noir

Advices on creating your first one piece swimsuit

This is the second swimsuit I create. Unlike the previous one (you can read all about that one here), I used a pattern, since I didn’t have a one piece swimsuit at hand to use as base. If you do have one, you can follow this brilliant tutorial by one of my favorite sewing youtuber Daniela Tabois :

And have a look at how I proceeded with my bikini in this article.

I used pattern Vogue 9192 (currently on sale at 5$) to create this beauty.

It has several options possible and 2 classy onepieces I was dying to test for myself ;-).

I made my own version of the left one

As usual, I found Vogue’s explanation quite unclear for the beginning seamstress. I decided to go on my own and use the experience of my previous bathing suit.

The key, I believe, is to try on your creation as you sew. That way you can test the “stretchiness” of the whole thing and how decent (or not) it will look on you. That is precisely how I discovered leaving the deep V neck wiiiide open would drastically  limit my options on places to wear it. Like only in Miami or in a streap club. I added a little strap in the middle that made is just sassy enough to content me, but wearable in most venues…


I was very naughty I confess. Wanting to bring it with me in Santa Barbara, I sewed like crazy until midnight the day before, completely forgetting to take any photos of the steps. You can use the video of Daniela (sew above) as a reference quite accurate (except I did not add a lining).

I included advices on sewing super stretch fabrics at the end of my earlier post if you want help in that department.

Do not panic, it looks more complicated than it really is…

Technical details

Total cost : 20$

  • 2 yards/meters of black stretch fabric, as thick as possible, with a mat finish
  • 3 yards/meters (give you some margin of error, plus it’s very cheap) of swimming elastic

time to completion : 1 saison of “Tales by light” on Netflix, a serie of documentaries on amazing nature photographers.

And what about you, do you already have your version of a little black swimsuit? Tell me in the comments!

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La bise,

see you next week,


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