SEWING CLASS – Sewing My Wardrobe – Spring 2021 – Wide Pants & Bustier


24 hours of sewing classes

During 2 months (end of April/ June)

10 sessions in workshop (22h)

2 hours in the store to learn how to choose your fabrics


Learn how to make your own trendy sewing creations with this all-inclusive sewing class.

Guided by an expert teacher, you will make your first garments step by step with impeccable finishing touches.

By choosing your own fabric, shape, length and finish, you will be able to design the wardrobe of your dreams.


  • 2 hours in store to learn how to buy the right fabric for the right project
  • 22 hours of weekly classes (10 sessions of 2 hours) to master the techniques, from cutting the pattern to sewing the last buttons
  • 1 pattern that can be reused over and over again for other creations
  • 1 recap of the technical points to redo your creations at home
  • the mastery of the sewing machine and its subtleties

More details on the models below in the “description” section


**** What about the Covid ? ****

The workshops take place in accordance with the current measures: 4 students max per class, in an airy space, wearing a mask, hydroalcoholic gel and spacing of students to keep the safety measures.

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For Who ?


Your level: 

Beginner to Intermediate 

Whatever your level, I will guide you from opening a basic pattern, to sewing something you actually want to wear. 

If you are a beginner, we will start with the basics and build up by choosing techniques that are within your reach.

If you are more comfortable, we will go for pro techniques… without going crazy !


What you are looking for: 

You live in Barcelona or its surroundings.

You are tired of wearing fast fashion and are looking for a more sustainable alternative.

After watching the amazing clothes sewn by your friends or your favorite IG influencers, you want to start sewing seriously.

Or maybe you have already started sewing but you realize that between work, kids and your social life, you have a hard time freeing up a few quiet hours!

You are looking for some time to yourself, to practice a craft that will make you feel good and relaxed.

You want to be sure that you will wear what you create (and that it doesn’t end up half-finished in a closet)?

This class is for you!

Want to see what students from previous seasons have made? Head over to my Instagram.



How it works


“Sewing My Wardrobe” is a two-month formula (end of April / June) specially created for the seamstresses who want to start on the right foot and wear homemade clothes with pride.

From the choice of fabric to the last seams, we will sew together two garments from my catalog (one main piece + one basic) and all their finishing touches: pockets, buttonholes, lining…

Starting from a simple and trendy pattern, we will elaborate together the version of your dreams of each piece by choosing its color, length and by adding the small details of your choosing.

I will teach you how to adjust a garment so that it looks and feels perfect on you.


The Garments


You will leave this workshop with confidence in your skills and mastery of all basic sewing techniques that you will need to strive on your own. That’s my main goal and the most important thing.

As proof, your first creations will be there to proudly demonstrate your progress. You will have all the tools to start your own creations by the end of the session.

Each season, I design two new pieces of clothing which we can sew together, they will be added to my catalog as we go along.


Garments of Spring 2021


The Wide Leg Pants


Tired of wearing slim trousers? You want to try the latest fashion of wide pants?

Well, it’s our “basic” piece for this season. Basic really, are you sure Alicia ? Pants are difficult, aren’t they?

To realize this model, we will take a small shortcut by replacing the fly with an invisible closure and a few darts here and there. The pants are worn fluid, adjusted on the buttocks and flared on the legs.

The high waist is perfect to lengthen any silhouette and it can be worn with heels or flats depending on the occasion. You can choose the length to your liking and we can even make it wider or narrower depending on what you prefer.

In short, an excellent candidate to be part of your home-made capsule wardrobe...

Cours de couture à barcelone apprendre à coudre un pantalon

The Bustier

This season, we’re getting into the basics of corsetry by tackling for the first time the fitting of… whalebones!

Let me reassure you, we’re not attempting a 19th century corset but rather going for it’s much simpler and wearable version: the bustier.

The off the shoulder dresses that hold magically and reveal your shoulders? Well, they have whalebones for support of course!

Seen on models from famous brands like Isabelle Marant or Oscar de la Renta, it’s the master asset to have up your sleeve for sewing your first really elegant evening dresses… or to wear under an oversized jean jacket at the next brunch.

The bustier we’re going to make will be very similar to the versions on this moodboard. Every season, I will make a basic pattern and offer you a number of customizations and fashion details depending on your level and what you prefer.

The pattern will be cut so as not to reveal too much of the belly (it is to be worn with high-waisted pants or skirts). You can also make it with or without short sleeves if you wish.


Cours de couture à barcelone apprendre à coudre un bustier


The Full Catalogue

If you want to sew garments from the previous seasons that’s possible too! Just pick a key piece and a basic from the catalog available here :


Sewing Garment Options Spring 2021


Cours de couture Barcelone - été 2020

Some of my students wearing their homemade clothes : coat, dresses, sweater…



Step 1: Choosing your fabric

We will go together to three of my favorite fabric stores in the center of Barcelona to choose fabric for your creations. Fabrics are not included, so you will have to add a little to the price indicated here, but I will guide you to choose an option that fits your wallet.

During 2 hours, I will teach you the tips to choose the right fabric for your projects: the eco-responsible materials to use, the right “texture”, the right length, the right level of difficulty…

You will leave with all the keys to choose your future fabrics and with the right supplies for the creations we will make together.


Step 2: Sewing

Sessions last 2h each week (22 sewing hours in total), we will progress at your own pace between April and June.

The techniques you will master for the wide pants:

  • Modifying a pattern to fit your size
  • Assembling a pair of pants
  • Sewing an invisible zipper
  • Sewing pockets (optional)
  • Hand-finishing a pair of pants
  • Adjusting a pant belt
  • Making a nice hem
  • …and many more!

Techniques you will master for the bustier:

  • Sew a close fitting garment
  • Sew a cross neckline
  • Adding whalebones
  • Lining a garment
  • Modifying a pattern
  • Sewing ruffled sleeves
  • etc.

Step 3: The photo session

Included in your sewing class is a photo session with a professional in your hand-sewn outfit! The opportunity to take a nice picture of you in your new clothes.

You can do whatever you want with it: send it to Grandma, post it on instagram…

To give you an idea, here is one of the pictures taken last season:

Step 4: Redo the workshop at home

I will give you all the tools so you can redo these items at home on your own:

When you leave the workshop you will have:

  • The “Silhouette” sheets to draw your future dream dresses and keep everything in order
  • Your pattern to make another version of it at home
  • The How To Assemble ebook to review the technical points after the workshop


The calendar

1 English Speaking session each week

Tuesday Nights from 6PM to 8PM 

the first session dedicated to the “choice of your fabric” will happen on :

  • Tuesday April 20th from 6pm to 8pm


You will then have one session per week.

10 sessions of 2 hours

Tuesday evenings

  • April 27th
  • May 4th
  • May 11th
  • May 18th
  • May 26 (Wednesday, same time)
  • June 1st
  • June 7 (Monday, same time)
  • June 8th
  • June 14 (Monday, same time)
  • June 15th


What happens if you miss a class? The workshop is designed with a number of sewing hours in mind. If students are absent, I cannot guarantee we will finish the project on time.

Because I’m extra nice, I can accommodate 1 absence per student. The missed class can be made up during the current season only, and within the limits of the places available in other scheduled classes (Thursdays 10AM – 1PM, 6PM-8PM  and Fridays 10-1pm). It must be scheduled as far in advance as possible.

Once the season is over, catch-ups will be planned on a case-by-case basis at an additional cost of 50€ for 2 hours of sewing.

This isn’t something we need, I do my best to make sure that everyone finishes on time and is happy with their work!

After the order

After the order, I will contact you through WhatsApp (don’t forget to give me your phone + country code in the registration) to arrange the last details.

If you have any questions about this offer, leave me a comment under this post or directly on Instagram, that’s where I’m most responsive!



See you soon, can’t wait to meet you 😉


Additional information

Sewing Class

Tuesdays 6pm-8pm

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