Historical Dress Pic-Nic in Barcelona


  • 1 Ticket to the Historical Dress Pic Nic in Barcelona event
  • Saturday 14th of October – 13h – 18h
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Who can attend ?


Bring your princess core fantasies to life… 

Always dreamed of wearing princess dresses for a day ? Want a bit of escapism on your life ?


You have watched Marie-Antoinette by Sofia Coppola a couple of times and have wished you could wear that for a day ?


Come to my first Historical dress pic-nic held in Barcelona !

How to attend ?

You will need to buy your tickets as space is limited. I want to keep this event on a smaller scale (max 25 people for this first edition) to allow for people to chat and be confortable.
To be accepted at the venue, you will be required to wear your best historical attire, be it from Ancient Rome, Marie Antoinette Inspired or even from Modernist times.

Where is the event ?

We will gather in the superb Ciutadella Park to share a cup or two among the lush greenery…

What should I bring ? What will we do there ?

Prepare your best HISTORICAL attire (as close as possible to the real thing whatever the period you chose to wear).
Bring your fancy basket, your cheesy flower blanket, your most instagramable cupcakes and a couple of friends to laugh and have fun together.
This is the occasion to meet and chat with fun people in Barcelona, take your best selfies with your pals and have a relax afternoon away from screens.
Oh and eat as well of course, since this is a pic-nic…

Can I attend if I don’t have a costume ? 


Sorry but no.


I chose a broad enough theme so that anyone can participate with enough imagination.


Your attire doesn’t have to be 100% accurate (none are) but it needs to demonstrate an effort in that direction.


Some eras are really easy to do like Ancient Rome (find a good bedsheet, a golden belt and you are good to go !). I will post easy options for beginners on my Instagram @atelier_marquise.


Oh and it cannot be after 1910 or else it will considered too modern ;-).


Can’t wait to see what you will come up with !

Additional information


Saturday 10 of September 2022 – 1pm-6pm

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